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Magic or hard work? 

Let's get real. Although ChatGPT makes writing easier, you gotta have blueprint before you can start construction. Figuring out the book structure, best prompts, training AI and how to edit everything so you end up with a masterpiece is a fine art. Things like...

  • Page-turning material: ChatGPT can be like a toddler on a sugar high, it can spew out lots of gibberish.
  • ​Fact checking: The AI is only as good as the data it's trained on, and sometimes it spits out facts that just aren't true.
  • ​Thrilling stories: ChatGPT isn't designed for creative storytelling that speaks to the heart of your dear reader.
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Hours of work without any income is a hobby... 

Turning your vision into cold hard cash isn't something a robot can do for you either.
ChatGPT ends up becoming just another shiny distraction that'll suck up all your time, giving you nothing in return. 🙄

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Outsourcing is shooting yourself in the foot 

Hiring a ghostwriter or virtual assistant isn't the answer either. It'll drag on forever, empty your pockets, and you'll be left with a mediocre manuscript that'll just sit on your hard drive and collect dust.

Not to mention, the only folks losing jobs to modern technology are the ones who aren't learning how to use it.


write a book in a weekend 

 In one lightning-fast weekend, I used just ChatGPT and to write and publish this very audiobook. And it's made me thousands.

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Fast Fame

Discover how to become an underground celebrity and reach millions of people using simple systems that you can get done in one weekend … even if you're starting with zero audience right now.

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Low Tech

How to scale sales to 7-figures and beyond using a proven roadmap that previously required an entire team to implement, but can now be done by one person.

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Automated Profits

How to build trust and create customers for life using one of entrepreneurs most underutilized tools at your disposal–your voice.

From Writer's Block to Profitable Book 

New technologies are changing the nature of every job at every company (starting yesterday) but what most are missing is the currency of trust.

Trust will be harder to get as we question what is real and what is fake. And without trust, your business will crumble.

The secret is to use future technologies to publish in record time and still gain massive amounts of trust so you can sell like crazy. How? By adding a human touch.

I reveal the entire book formula, how to connect with your readers, and what makes audio so powerful so you can instantly start profiting from your audiobook without a list or big following.

Because let's be real, someone out there is just dying for your knowledge and expertise. And I'll be damned if we let outdated and expensive methods stop you from getting it to them.
Let's do this, together.

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Having a tangible piece of work showcasing your expertise, positioning you as THE authority. The instant credibility and trust it brings to your business. And the influx of leads, clients and opportunities that come your way.

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While others are putting their audience to sleep, you'll be positioning yourself as the expert that everyone's dying to hires using my unique Power Book Formula (complete with prompts!)

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Publish and launch in an afternoon, growing your list and profits with an automated system so simple, you'll be cancelling half your subscriptions.

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This system requires ZERO websites, membership sites, writing copy, making slides, or creating a single video. The tech is so simple that everything can be set up in a couple of hours to start attracting the right customers.

take a peak inside



11 Ways This Guide Will Help You Become Famous


How Some Crappy MP3s Made Me $103,000


Trends Every Business Needs To Pay Attention To Right Now


Your Automated Selling Machine™


Prompt: My Perfect Book Formula (With Prompts!)


Publish: How to free yourself from the system and publish in minutes


Profit: How to outsell the competition, even if they’re industry giants


The Fastest Path to Audio Cash


How to Get Free Exposure to Thousands of Listeners

Way More than just a few prompts... 

The #1 interactive audiobook dishes out the EXACT step-by-step process that entrepreneurs are using to creating more profits using ChatGTP and next-gen technologies, regardless of your tech skills, list size or business type.

  • ​My 'Binge-Like-Netflix' formula that creates a page-turner that transforms your readers (p 40)
  • ​How to build a massive subscriber list with just one word and use it drive sales without ads (p 59)
  • ​Make buying from you feel like winning a prize with my zero-slime selling system (p 64)
  • Get 100's of listeners for free with a single social media post that you can do today (p 66)
  • Hijack audiences with a virtual book tour and teaching tour and instantly gain credibility (p 72)
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Your typical


Step into a new world of audiobooks, where getting stuck is a thing of the past. With a two-way conversation approach, you'll have everything you need and actually enjoy the process of creating your next masterpiece.


Experts have to Say


Bryan Dulaney

#1 Marketing Expert

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About this powerful audiobook

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"Many of my prospects don't have time for Zoom calls. This unlock a whole new market."

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"It works! We made enough to pay for a year of Hiro subscription in one day!"

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"You take old content and you turn it into MOOLA! It's sooo GOOD!!"

if you're wondering

Who is this audiobook for?

Since helping thousands of people profit from audio using this exact same method, I can confidently say

this audiobook is for


If you're a coach, consultant or expert looking to stand out from the crowd, this is for you

If you're an event host and want higher profits without creating new products, this is for you

If you're an author who wants to build your list and make more money, this is for you

If you're an agency owner who is tired of people wanting to pay you in "free exposure", this is for you

If you're a course creator who knows the key is more repeat buyers and less refunds, this is for you

If you have a business of any kind and know that more attention means more money in your pocket, this is for you

you get


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Single post system

One post that will get you listeners before you even launch your audio show, which you'll create without even picking up a mic

Tap into a $95b market

​How to tap into a completely blue ocean of AI with an authentic human touch, a $4T market that is ripe with potential.

live on your own terms

​The same methods I used to scale my business while I had time and freedom to be with my family and just have fun

A Value of Over $247 for
Under $10... oh yes!!

what happens...



You get an email and text with your own secret link to the audiobook.


You access the show in audio player app


Listen and get a free guide and other bonuses as you go!

so if you were ready yesterday

to Make a bigger impact

here's two ways to get started

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limited time offer

Audiobook Only

For just $9.99 you get....

  • ​Instant access "Prompt-Publish-Profit" audiobook
  • ​Free bonuses (including prompts!)
  • ​Private members group access

You will get instant access to the audiobook only and use a free trial membership with which must be set up seperately.

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best savings

All-In-One Bundle

For just $37 you get...

  • ​Instant access "Prompt-Publish-Profit" audiobook
  • ​Free quick start guide (including prompts!)
  • ​Private members group access
  • 1 month premium membership
  • ​Access to our members only Q&A session

You will get instant access to premium level membership which you an cancel at anytime in the app or by contacting 


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Prompt Publish Profit Audiobook
Prompt Publish Profit Audiobook
Brand new INTERACTIVE AUDIOBOOK reveals How to Write A Book In Record Time Using ChatGPT and Modern Technologies to Make You Famous and Sell Like Crazy
Prompt Publish Profit Bundle
$37 Audiobook, Free Hiro Premium, "Flood of Listeners" Course & Guide
Upgrade to premium bundle that our most successful clients use to profit faster. Get a FREE month of premium membership and "How To Get A Flood of Listeners" course. Everything you need to profit fast TODAY.

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I can't believe how easy this is! I created my show in a day and just love how simple Carla made everything!


The best $40 I ever spent. I launched and made it back 23x over a week later. And that's just the start.


Everyone should have a private podcast in their offer. And Carla's software and processes are the way to go.

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